Insite on my small business!

I’m a SAHM and a Wife all while running my own small business. I was born and raised in Washington state and moved to Texas about 4 years ago. I decided to start a hobby that slowly turned into a small business! I enjoy every shirt and cup I make and love being able to share it with others! I appreciate every single one of you who come and support! You all make my small business bloom! And I couldn’t be more thankful!

  • Bleached shirts color chart

    These are the different colors I have for shirts. If you want a certain color that isn’t an option please send me an email and I can make note of it for you ☺️

  • About my shirts

    My shirts are Polyester (Unisex). Sublimation prints and every shirt will not come bleached the exact same as I bleach every shirt myself.

  • About my Tumblers

    All my cups are 20oz cups and 12oz kid cups! 20oz cups do come with lid and a straw! And kids cups come with either lid and straw or pop up straw and lid that’s spill proof!

  • PSA

    ⚠️ There will be no refunds! 

    Disclaimer: Once the shirt is out of my hands and with USPS you will need to contact USPS regarding your order. If item is lost you will need to contact USPS and file a claim with them.